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For male hair loss prevention treatment to be effective, it is important to arrange a consultation at our London trichology clinic as soon as you notice the first signs of thinning or receding, regardless of age. Treatment will stop further hair loss and follicle miniaturization, and in some cases, the client will experience hair regrowth.

Hair Loss Treatments
Here at the London Centre of Trichology, we offer a range of male hair loss treatments. Each treatment plan is tailored to your individual requirements, after a diagnosis at our clinic. We use products to boost new growth, strengthen hair follicles and block the hormone DHT, which is the cause of men’s hair being lost in the majority of cases.  

There are no side effects to any of the treatments we offer. A man will need to follow a course of treatment for a minimum of 6 months, especially where the hair loss is genetic. If you are concerned about hair thinning or falling out, contact us now to arrange your free initial consultation at our London clinic. 

Stimulator Lotion
This product attracts blood flow to the scalp, which stimulates the hair roots and improves hair growth.

DHT Blocker
In men (and women) genetically predisposed to hair loss, there are enzymes called 5-alpha reductase, which turn testosterone into dihydrotestosterone or DHT. DHT attaches itself to the hair follicles and causes them to shrink and eventually stop growing. The DHT blocker is an oral capsule that naturally blocks DHT from formulating in root follicles. This stops further damage to the hair.

Root Cleanser
The Root Cleanser treatment unblocks DHT, which prevents further thinning and allows hair to thicken.

Root Strengthener
This consists of plant and herbal extracts that help stabilize and strengthen the hair root follicles.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
In addition to hair loss treatments carried out at our clinic, there are certain things that all men can do to reduce their risk of losing hair. These lifestyle changes where appropriate will also help to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.

  • Avoid smoking and drugs – these substances affect blood circulation and damage important amino acids that formulate hair growth.
  • Improve your diet – a balanced diet will improve circulation and provide necessary nutrients such as vitamins B6-B12, iron, and zinc. Consider taking a good-quality multivitamin to supplement your daily intake.
  • Take regular exercise – this improves blood flow and circulation to the scalp, assisting hair growth.
  • Reduce your stress – high levels of stress can destabilize hair growth, weakening the root and increasing hair fall.

For more information on male hair loss prevention and treatment, and to arrange your free consultation, call The London Centre of Trichology on 0207 935 1935.